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Can Coronavirus Kill You?

With Coronavirus affecting thousands of people worldwide,the concern of the health experts is just rising. The cases of this infection are growing at an alarming rate. With the new Coronavirus in trend, people are continually asking ‘Can Coronavirus kill you’? They are just confused about how worried they should be if they or any other person close to them falls in the trap of this infection. This question is considered to be a bit complicated, and there are the two most prominent reasons for the same.

The Covid-19 is a disease that is continually increasing its outbreak each day, and the cures for the same remain unexplained till now. In many cases, there has also been an existence of a situation where it would be hard to note how deadly the Coronavirus is.

For many people, Coronavirus is an infection that is not deadly. Instead, they have started putting it in a range of seasonal flu that is quite unusual and severe. According to research, almost 80 percent of the population that is hit by Coronavirus has been able to treat it with self-care. On the other hand, nearly 16 percent of the population is suffering from a very severe and deadly Coronavirus. Thus, here you can note that the cases in which it’s taking lives are somewhat lesser than the ones where it can be cured with self-care.

Many studies and data have notified that anyone who catches Coronavirus would experience no severe symptoms that would demand hospitalization.

Can Coronavirus kill you?

As confirmed, Coronavirus is an infection that can hit and prove to be more dangerous for those who are 70 years or above. Apart from that, those who have diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure should stay away from this virus’s exposure. People who have a weak immune system are prone to more risk of catching Coronavirus infection, and this virus is known to spread way too rapidly.

Thus, whether this virus is going to kill the affected person or not would totally depend upon his/her immune system, health conditions, and age. With the spreading of this virus, there are many disruptions that have been marking their existence. It’s leading into the school closures, disruptions in the supply chain, economic slowdowns, and the work-from-home policies by the companies so that you don’t step out.

The impact of the Coronavirus would not only depend upon the health of that person. Instead, it would also be highly dependent upon your multiple personal details such as your age, place where you reside, how pure your ambiance is, and many others. Just in case you are living at a place where there is an existence of good governance, eminent health care, and sufficient economic resources, you would be lesser prone to risks associated with Coronavirus infection.

Many experts have cautioned the people that this virus is mild when compared to other various infections such as measles or influenza. Also, this new virus has killed a lesser number of people than other coronavirus outbreaks, which have marked their presence in the past.

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